Learn More About Us & Our Trading Strategy


Our Investment Strategy

  • When searching for a potential investment we favor lower priced stocks showing momentum trades. While we normally stay away from real “penny stocks” many of our stock picks trade in the $2 – $20 range. This allows investors like you to begin investing and most importantly profiting with little upfront capital.
  • Our team uses a proprietary set of indicators that rank the relative likelihood that a stock will go up for

the short term. Additionally, we use specific metrics and formulas to measure the strength and speed at which it is occurring. By putting all our calculations together, we come up with a list of stocks that have a good chance of seeing short term price spikes. In simpler terms, we are looking for stocks that have a high probability in moving between +3% and +15% during the course of a few days.

The GoStock Alerts trading strategy is not based on picking the latest penny stocks or the infamous “pump and dump” scheme. Nor do we encourage our clients to go ‘all in’ on just a handful of stocks. Our clients are busy people who do not have time to micro-manage positions or lose sleep from worry. We also won’t promise 200+% monthly gains – an aggressive strategy that will always end in disaster.

Intelligent Diversified Trading

Our strategy involves ‘intelligent management’, where we treat the entire portfolio as several small trades so that the risk of any individual position is negligible.

Trading Like a Traditional Hedge Fund

Black swans are those unforeseen events that can destroy a years worth of profits in a single week. Here at GoStock Alerts trades are carefully selected to counter any market factors that can effect your portfolio. We perform intense correlation analyses to maximize portfolio diversity, investing in large caps, small caps, commodities, currencies, metals, treasuries, VIX, and even the occasional penny stock.We also provide temporal diversity – some trades are short term, others more long term focused. With trades designed to be asymmetric we can insure the best change of success with the smallest possible percentage for error. We are not always right, but our winners win big and our losers lose small. In fact, with our 3:1 profit/losses (risk/reward) ratio it’s almost impossible to take an average loss.